Dr. Scott Linnane BVSc (Hons I)

Veterinary Surgeon and Consultant

Professional Interests

I enjoy being a general practitioner as it gives me variety and a great overview of medicine, surgery and my patients overall health. Working on wildlife is definitely a joy and what better place to do that than in Tasmania.

Why I became a vet

I want to the help the animals and enjoy helping people as well. Becoming a vet fills both of these niches.

Favourite animals

I like the predators! Birds of prey and sharks are just magnificent.

My animals

I have two dogs, PJ (Border collie) and Dexter (Whippet).  I feel a little sorry for poor Dexter because the relationship between the two is a little one sided.  Despite Dexter’s efforts, PJ often picks the ball to play with!


Bird watching and wildlife photography. A good game of hockey keeps me fit and healthy.

What do you like about working at Hobart Community Veterinary Hospital

It’s a friendly and caring group of people who are all working towards providing a high level of patient care.  That to me creates a rewarding and stimulating workplace.

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