Dr. Tering Davies BSc, BVMS


Professional Interests

I really enjoy veterinary work that helps the homeless or needy animals. From stray animals in a shelter to injured wildlife to rescuing bushfire affected animals. I have a strong interest in parvovirus and contagious disease control but I have to say, nothing beats a groovy surgery like removing an eye ball….it looks at you!

Why I became a vet

I love animals and simply do not like to see them hurt. One of my earliest memories is playing with the slaters (the rolley polley wood louse!) and I remember catching them and moving them to a tree so they would not end up in the fire place. At another moment our house was robbed and we came home to find my dog, Victor, underneath a concrete slab with 4 broken legs. It was awful but was definitely a motivation to become a vet and help animals forever.

Favourite animals

Too hard! Um…pigs, dogs, devils, goats….the old dithery ones or the cheeky naughty ones….too hard…next question!

My animals

Spencer, 14 year old Jack Russel Terrier with a naughty streak! He had 4 owners before me and when I met him his face was battered with broken bones and frightened of people. He now enjoys the spoilt life, has a shelf full of clothes and loves meeting new people (except when he has his nails trimmed). I also have Henry, a three year old billy goat. Henry was a stray goat found wondering the streets of the Gold Coast eating from the table tops in the cafés and restaurants. He was brought into the Animal Welfare League of Queensland and I adopted him from there. He’s a funny boy who has a dislike for red buckets.


All things music including piano, banjo, ukulele, African drumming. I also enjoy hiking, traveling and fire twirling.

What do you like about working at Hobart Community Veterinary Hospital

I enjoy sneaking into dog ward and playing with puppies! I also like being surrounded by likeminded animal people. People, who genuinely love animals, support the cause and believe in high standards of care. I love it when I stumble on a colleague sneaking a pat or talking to a patient, including the CEO! It just makes me smile and I feel really proud of where I work and who I work for.

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