Jen Pelham

Veterinary Nurse

Professional Interests

The areas of this profession I find most interesting and rewarding are wildlife and domestic animal rehabilitation and enrichment.

Why I became a veterinary nurse

I wanted a job that would benefit animals and not just my pocket.

Favourite animals

I love wildlife and have a soft spot for any animal with a physical or mental disability. I love the underdog.

My animals

Fluffy is a beautiful white Domestic Longhair who was bought to the clinic with an illness. Unfortunately the owner was unable to care for her so I took her home as a foster kitty. I feel in love with her and she is now a permanent resident on my bed.


Painting and illustration, acroyoga and fostering and rehabilitating stray animals.

What do you like about working at Hobart Community Veterinary Hospital

I enjoy working for a clinic that helps people help their pets get treatment, even in times of financial difficulty.

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